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Taking the Pain out of Orthodontics for kids: Early orthodontic intervention in kids can avoid later tooth and jaw alignment problems, and even potentially optimise airways and breathing. Correct management can allow for simpler braces (and avoiding braces, and quicker, more optimal results

Orthodontics for kids: Why it makes a difference

Your smile says so much about you and can even affect your life and career path, which is why orthodontics for kids can make be a sound investment in your child’s future. Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or a misaligned bite aren’t simply a cosmetic issue, they can also have later health consequences. These can vary from the more obvious -- difficulty with oral hygiene and with chewing, and problems with gum health – to seemingly more indirect problems such as speech issues, sleep apnoea from narrow upper airways, and even migraines.

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Why Early Orthodontic Intervention Matters

There’s no doubt that treatment results are generally quicker and more predictable when it comes to orthodontics for kids, and that early assessment can prevent a host of problems later on. That’s because kids’ jaw bones do not “set” until their late teens, making corrective procedures easier and more effective. Early intervention also sets up good habits for life – from regular dental check-ups to good oral hygiene, including caring for your braces and good dietary behaviour.

Parents can play an important role in monitoring their kids for dental issues that require early intervention, including mouth breathing or snoring, chewing problems, speech impediments, an overbite, and thumb sucking. If you think your child might be struggling with these or other jaw or mouth-related problems, visit a practice experienced in orthodontics for kids, such as the team of Perth dentists at NewSmile Dental Centre. We recommend that if children are assessed by the age of seven, they are likely to have the best orthodontic outcome - but it’s never too late to get an assessment and a plan for good orthodontic management.

Orthodontics for Children

No parent wants to put their child through painful, uncomfortable, or obtrusive treatments. Early orthodontic intervention usually means less invasive procedures, and more optimal outcomes. By visiting NewSmile Dental Centre in Subiaco (Perth) for a consultation early on, and taking advantage of seeing a dentist with experience in handling orthodontics for kids, your child might be able to avoid braces altogether, or to simplify their treatment journey.

NewSmile Perth’s Approach to Orthodontics

As a family practice with a wide range of services, NewSmile Dental Centre is focused on patient comfort, great results, and ensuring a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at our state-of-the-art practice in Subiaco.

Our dentists are a primary point for their patient’s dental health, and most treatment needs are able to be carried out in-house. This includes a range of orthodontic solutions, such as Invisalign, lingual braces, tooth coloured ceramic braces, and oral appliances to assist with jaw expansion and teeth positioning. Several of our Perth dentists are accredited and trained in Invisalign and Dr Wang looks after patients requiring braces or early intervention children’s orthodontic solutions.

If you have any questions about your child’s orthodontics, or any other dental concerns, please call our friendly reception team at NewSmile and they will be happy to book a consultation appointment for you and your family.

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