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Thin lips - NewSmile Dental Perth

Low lip volume and lip fillers

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Thin lips - NewSmile Dental Perth

About thin lips

Everyone’s lips and smiles are different. But sometimes thin lips can affect your self-esteem and make you self-conscious about your smile. Over the years, lips often grow thinner and lose colour. As a result, you can feel as if your thin upper lip or fine lines add years to your face. You may benefit from our lip volume augmentation with dermal fillers, dental treatments to improve the position of the teeth and lips, or other solutions.

At NewSmile Dental, we have dentists trained in dento-facial aesthetics who can diagnose you and help you with wrinkles and thin lips. They skillfully use wrinkle relaxers and the latest generation of dermal fillers.

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Thin lips causes - NewSmile Dental Perth

What causes thin lips?

Thin lips can be our natural anatomy. Or they can be caused by lack of support from the jaw or teeth. They can also be a symptom of ageing. One cause is a lack of collagen, a protein that our body produces naturally. It is responsible for skin elasticity throughout the body. With less collagen, and weaker skin cells, there can be a loss of volume and skin tautness, both making your lips look thinner. Lifestyle habits can have an influence as well on this process: smoking, dehydration and exposure to extreme weather.
Thin lips and wrinkles - NewSmile Dental Perth

Facial injectables

Facial injectables include anti-wrinkle treatments and volumising (filler) treatments. For suitable patients, they can be combined with your dental maintenance or smile makeover appointments.

Facial injectables are often used to improve the appearance of thin lips, and to ease and relax wrinkles. If you’re concerned about frown lines, crow’s feet, or simply seeking definition or volume in and around your lips, then our AADFA member dentists are your port of call for facial injectables in Perth.

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Thin lips solutions - NewSmile Dental Perth

What can be done about thin lips?

To get fuller lips your facial aesthetics trained dentist is in an excellent position to understand the cause and treat it with solutions including dermal fillers. What’s more, they are the most experienced clinicians with injections around the lips, with understanding the different aspects of a great smile, and in applying local anaesthetic to make it a comfortable process.

Lip fillers are also known as lip injections, lip augmentation, facial fillers, part of a liquid facelift, or injectable wrinkle treatments. The focus is to use products which have been proven to be safe, not permanent, healthy for the skin, and effective for lip volume augmentation, as well as treatments for naso-labial folds or marionette lines (deep skin folds around the lips).

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Thin lips help - NewSmile Dental Perth

How can NewSmile Dental help me?

At NewSmile Dental Centre in Perth (Subiaco) we are a team of dedicated dentists with various skills and interests. Facial injectables and aesthetics are part of the wide range of services we offer, with dentists that are trained in both cosmetic dentistry and dento-facial aesthetics. If you are concerned about thin lips or wrinkles, book your appointment today, and find out how we can create the right lip form and symmetry to frame your smile, so your thin lips become a thing of the past. Or find out how we can apply facial injectables and wrinkle relaxers to give your skin a well deserved makeover

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