Stained Teeth

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About stained teeth

Stained teeth can be a consequence of a variety of oral health problems, either biological (disease), cosmetic (appearance) or both. Apart from influencing your social life, if there is dental disease that is left untreated, it can lead to more severe health problems at a later stage. It is important to know the cause of the staining. That is why it’s important to obtain a clear and professional diagnosis, so we can design a personalised holistic oral care plan for you.

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Stained teeth

Causes of stained teeth

Stained teeth can be caused by a variety of factors. Quite often, certain drinks will be the primary cause of the superficial stains: coffee, wine, but also tea, juice and some soda drinks. The intake of berries (blackberry, cranberry) or soy sauce can be another cause of stained teeth. Certain medications may also cause deeper intrinsic staining, especially during the development of the teeth.

As the enamel layer of your teeth ages or wears down, a brownish or yellowish colouring may appear underneath.
It’s also important to bear in mind that perfect white teeth, sometimes, are also defined by our genes. Some people have naturally whiter teeth than others.
Other causes of stains can be a history of teeth trauma, or dental treatments such as root canal which have left a visible mark.

In addition, lifestyle habits like smoking or poor dental hygiene will add to the risk of stained teeth.  

Do I need tooth whitening?

When considering tooth whitening, it is important to first get a clear and professional diagnosis, to define the causes of your stained teeth. The treatment may require a holistic oral care plan that includes tooth whitening, but is not limited to it. As it may be tempting to purchase a commercial product without consulting your dentist, it’s good to thoroughly check on the reliability of a treatment before you commit to it.  The tooth whitening options can include:

  • “External whitening” ranging from a take home kit with professional grade treatment gel, to an in-chair quick procedure (eg. Zoom Whitening) which can provide immediate and excellent results in around one hour (results can vary).
  • “Internal whitening” or bleaching of root treated teeth.
  • Aesthetic porcelain or resin veneers and crowns to achieve a brighter smile, including by modern digital smile design.

Teeth Whitnening

Teeth whitening by your Perth dentist is not to be confused with the quick application of a shelf product you buy at the supermarket.

The Zoom3! Teeth Whitening process, available at our practice, is a safe and fast procedure involving the use of a teeth whitening gel, containing dentist grade whitening gel and a blue LED light, used to speed up the process.

The in-chair procedure takes around an hour to achieve a brighter smile, and is suitable for many people with stained teeth.

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Stained teeth, or general cosmetic dentistry

If you feel uncomfortable about the quality of your smile, stains on your teeth, or the overall condition of your gums and teeth, book an appointment with our friendly and highly experienced team of cosmetically skilled dentists and dental hygienists in Subiaco, Perth.  

For any surgical based procedure, please refer to our Disclaimer.

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