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Teeth whitening - NewSmile Dental Perth

Brighten and rejuvenate stained teeth

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Teeth whitening - NewSmile Dental Perth

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening by your dentist is not to be confused with the quick application of a shelf product you buy at the supermarket.

The Zoom3! Teeth Whitening process, available at our practice, is a safe and fast procedure involving the use of a teeth whitening gel, containing dentist grade whitening gel and a blue LED light, used to speed up the process. The in-chair procedure takes around an hour to achieve a brighter smile, and is suitable for many people with stained teeth.

If you’re not that concerned about speed, or if your teeth are very cold or air sensitive, we also provide take-home-whitening-kit solutions using fitted trays, custom designed for your teeth, and professional grade whitening gel.


Our Perth dentists and hygienists can assess your teeth and gums, recommend if teeth whitening is suitable for you, and discuss our in-chair versus home whitening solutions.

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Teeth whitening - NewSmile Dental Perth

Stained teeth causes and teeth whitening

Teeth staining is caused by a number of factors: the aging process, which can stain and darken your teeth, or lifestyle habits like drinking red wine, coffee, tea and soda drinks, as well as smoking. The teeth whitening procedure uses a gel applied to the teeth, to bleach stained substances while leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged. The makeup of the gel is professionally prescribed to best suit your dental condition. A LED light like Zoom! can be used to accelerate this teeth whitening or bleaching process.

Once you start enjoying your brighter smile, your results will last longer if you avoid smoking and excessive consumption of red wine, sodas, coffee and tea, to minimise the risks of stained teeth. You will also be taught to implement appropriate oral hygiene (brushing and flossing and any other methods), to keep you teeth and gums healthy and prevent new stains from forming.

Stained teeth & teeth whitening- Teeth whitening NewSmile Dental Perth

After having gone through a teeth whitening procedure, we also suggest you maintain your oral health with excellent home hygiene and regular 6 monthly professional preventive maintenance and cleaning.


Stained teeth

Stained teeth can be a consequence of a variety of oral health problems, either biological (disease), cosmetic (appearance) or both.

Apart from influencing your social life, if there is dental disease that is left untreated, it can lead to more severe health problems at a later stage.

It is important to know the cause of the staining. That is why it’s important to obtain a clear and professional diagnosis, so we can design a personalised holistic oral care plan for you.

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Teeth whitening options - NewSmile Dental Perth

Options for teeth whitening

At NewSmile Perth we offer 2 options for teeth whitening:

  • The in-chair procedure using the Zoom3! Process and a whitening gel with a higher concentration of peroxide (for bleaching) compared to the at-home kits and definitely compared to any over-the-counter product. This in-chair whitening approach allows us to use blue LED light to enhance the process. As part of the in-chair whitening, we also provide patients with a home “top-up” or touch-up kit for future use.
  • A second option is an at-home kit supplied by your Perth dentist at NewSmile. The kit includes professional grade treatment gel, which is applied via fitted trays, custom designed for your teeth. You can then apply the gel into the trays, and wear them for an hour or less a day, over a few days or nights.
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Teeth whitening advice - NewSmile Dental Perth

Teeth whitening Perth; get professional advice

Before you embark on a treatment using over-the-counter products for teeth whitening, it’s recommended to seek professional advice from your team of cosmetic dentists and dental hygienists. It is important to first achieve healthy teeth and gums, and to consider if whitening is likely to be an effective solution for you. Your NewSmile Perth dentist will present a clear diagnosis of your oral health, and make recommendations for the most suitable, safest and most effective choice of treatment.

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