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Hopeless teeth - NewSmile Dental Perth

Missing and hopeless teeth

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Hopeless teeth - NewSmile Dental Perth

Hopeless teeth, what are they?

Hopeless teeth (terminal dentition) are teeth that have been so compromised by gum disease, infection, or decay, that they are either impossible to save, or unwise to save because they carry a hopeless long term prognosis. Hopeless or missing teeth can lead to difficulties chewing, speaking or smiling. Even if you suffer from hopeless teeth and have been given no options, we often can provide comprehensive solutions.

Both for functional and cosmetic reasons, hopeless or missing teeth can be uncomfortable to tolerate and at NewSmile Dental Centre we can help you with a clear diagnosis and a holistic oral care plan.

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Hopeless teeth causes - NewSmile Dental Perth

Causes of hopeless teeth

Before a tooth is damaged so badly, that it can not be saved, it’s likely that the tooth was affected by untreated dental caries and decay, infection, or gum (periodontal) problems for a longer period of time. Decay can start with a chip or the buildup of plaque, causing gum disease and cavities.

Once the cavities reach the deeper layers of the tooth, it’s irreversible and this is where your tooth starts to break down. Teeth can become hopeless when the remaining tooth structure is minimal and not viable for predictable repair or restoration, or when the supporting structures of the tooth are too diseased.

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Hopeless or missing teeth can be a serious challenge when you chew, speak or smile. We see many patients whose advanced dental disease has led to a loss of self confidence, impacting not just their comfort and well-being but their social lives.



All on 4 is a full teeth replacement method, involving 4 dental implants which support a full arch arch of teeth. The major benefit is the low amount of implants required, compared to other and older techniques, and success in difficult bone situations without any need for bone grafting or staged treatments.
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Hopeless teeth treatment - NewSmile Dental Perth

How are hopeless teeth assessed and treated?

When you present us with a severely diseased tooth, it may be caused by restorative work that has broken down badly, or you may have injured yourself, or it may be long-term dental or gum problems that have been left unattended.

Whatever the cause, we first aim to assess the health of the remaining part of your tooth, and its surrounding supportive gum and bone. This means that it’s all about evaluating the health and quality of what remains below your gum line.

Then, we can develop a holistic oral care plan to replace what is missing or what needs removal or repair, tailored to your functional and cosmetic expectations. Before we diagnose you with “hopeless teeth” or a “terminal teeth” we will do everything we can to maximise your options, and to aim for the best possible outcome. Even if you think a specific tooth or teeth look “hopeless”, many times the teeth can actually be saved and restored, lasting for many more years if successfully treated by our Perth dentists. However if this is not possible or suitable for you, we will give you full advice and have the most advanced long term replacement solutions with dental implants, which can rescue your smile and function from even the most dire dental situations.

Many hundreds of patients with hopeless teeth have even had their smiles fully restored in minimal visits under the comfort of our sleep dentistry solutions.

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Hopeless teeth help- NewSmile Dental Perth

A friendly and experienced team

We are a team of highly qualified, experienced and caring family dentists in Subiaco (Perth) and we always focus on first getting a clear diagnosis, to then provide you with comprehensive treatment plan options to restore you to dental health.

My dentures are loose and uncomfortable. Can you help?

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Before & after dental implants Perth

Before & afters

New Smile Dental Perth - Implants for single and multiple teeth

Photo: Before and after single tooth implant

New Smile Dental Perth - Rehabilitation of worn and broken down teeth

Photo: Before and after full mouth, full jaw implant

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