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Expertise and Treatment Options for <span>Nervous Patients</span>

Nervous about the dentist ?

Expertise and Treatment Options for Nervous Patients

We understand that the thought of visiting a dental clinic may cause anxiety for some patients. Whether you suffer from a phobia, or simply need several procedures completed in a short time we can advise on the suitability of IV sedation or sleep dentistry.

Patients have chosen to use sedation dentistry for reasons such as being unable to keep their mouth open, being unable to sit comfortably in the dental clinic chair long enough for a procedure to be carried out, or to get multiple treatments in a single appointment.

Procedures performed under sedation may include general dentistry, minor oral (dentoalveolar) surgery, implant surgery, or cosmetic dentistry involving gum sculpting, crowns, porcelain veneers or bridgework. Ask us if sleep dentistry is appropriate for you.


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