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Crooked teeth - NewSmile Dental Perth

Crooked and crowded teeth

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Crooked teeth - NewSmile Dental Perth

Problems with crooked and crowded teeth

Crooked teeth, or crowded teeth, can be a mainly esthetic concern, but they can also lead to other, more serious dental problems. Crooked or crowded teeth occur when they are misaligned, and there is an incorrect relation between the teeth (improper occlusion). If you have crooked or crowded teeth, then this may interfere with proper chewing, jaw relation, hygiene and aesthetics.

Keeping your teeth clean can sometimes become more challenging, which in turn can lead to tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease.

NewSmile Dental - Dr Eric Wang
This is why it is important to get a clear and extensive diagnosis of your condition, and to check whether it’s recommended for your crooked or crowded teeth to be realigned, in order to enjoy an attractive smile and to potentially avoid other oral health problems down the track.
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Crooked teeth causes - NewSmile Dental Perth

Causes for crooked teeth

Some people’s mouths are too small for their teeth, causing them to shift as they erupt, creating crowding. Crooked teeth, underbites and overbites can be associated with dental malocclusion (an orthodontic alignment problem), and can be linked to hereditary factors, mouth breathing, thumb sucking or prolonged use of a bottle as a child.

Other causes are the early loss of baby teeth (or adult teeth), gum disease, jaw misalignment after an injury, tooth extractions causing movement of other teeth, or dental restorations that had an improper fit.



Orthodontics aim to ensure that your teeth are appropriately positioned in a way that compliments the features and proportions of your face.

Our philosophy is that we treat the individual, as opposed to providing a one-size-fits-all approach, giving you the opportunity to wear your best smile every day.

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Crooked teeth consequences - NewSmile Dental Perth

Consequences of crowded or crooked teeth

Depending on the type of improper alignment (malocclusion), there can be a higher risk of strain to certain teeth, muscles and jaw joints. If they create difficulties with cleaning, they can also lead to cavities or gum disease, which can also cause further misalignment.

Crooked teeth, in addition, can make you feel very self-conscious about your appearance, and may affect your self-esteem.

Studies show that dental and gum health, and proper teeth alignment, are not only important for your oral health, but can also have a serious influence on your overall health and wellbeing.

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Crooked teeth treatment - NewSmile Dental Perth

Treatment; from diagnosis to a new smile

At NewSmile Dental Centre in Perth (Subiaco), our team of family dentists have skills in various aspects of dentistry. This includes dentists with training and experience in Invisalign (invisible tooth alignment) and other more traditional forms of orthodontics (braces), which in many cases are the most sensible and least invasive way of aligning teeth.

Some alignment issues correct themselves as we grow to adults. Others benefit from early intervention as children or teenagers.

In some cases adult patients do not wish to pursue orthodontic treatment, even if it’s a suitable solution.

NewsSmile Dental - Dr Sahba Habibi

Some patients, understanding all the options available, may chose to pursue instead a Smile Makeover with porcelain crowns and veneers (and/or implants), which can create a faster “dental remodelling or renovation” approach to teeth alignment or replacement.

When it comes to cosmetic, alignment and orthodontic issues, it’s first important to gain a clear and thorough diagnosis before designing a personalised solution, as part of an overall plan to improve your oral health and help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. Just tell our receptionists your concerns when you arrange a consultation!

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Before & after orthodontics Perth

Before & afters

New Smile Dental Perth - Invisalign & orthodontics

Photo: Before and after othodontics

New Smile Dental Perth - Invisalign & orthodontics

Photo: Before and after orthodontics

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