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Toothache - NewSmile Dental Perth


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Toothache - NewSmile Dental Perth

Toothache in an emergency situation

Toothache can be an unbearable experience and finding an emergency dentist in Perth can be tricky. Mostly your dental emergency will happen when it’s simply not convenient. This is why at NewSmile Dental Perth we have recently made some changes to our scheduling, to allow more timely management of dental emergencies. Whilst maintaining an attentive small practice culture with our patients, with the philosophy of being a dental clinic in Perth that provide a personalised, caring service, giving time and attention to each patient, we have also expanded our clinical hours and dentist availability, to attend to your dental emergency in a timely manner.

Your toothache may become an emergency when you suffer from acute pain caused by inflammation, an abscess, or breakdown of the tooth.

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If the breakdown affects the deeper layer of the tooth, then it affects the living cells of the tooth and surrounding gum or bone, including nerves and blood vessels, and this is why you may experience acute and sometimes intense pain.
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Toothache causes - NewSmile Dental Perth

What causes acute toothache?

Tooth pain in its most acute form can be caused by a variety of situations, such as tooth nerve inflammation (pulpitis), or inflammation to the surrounding tissue including the gum and bone, or a dental abscess. Any of these can have their origins in decay (dental caries), wear (attrition), trauma (such as an injury, a blow or a very heavy bite), fracture, or a history of deep or invasive dental treatments. 

Toothache - NewSmile Dental Perth

Wisdom teeth often develop acute and painful infection as a result of impaction (not fitting through the gums fully).


Emergency dental

If you are in need of emergency dental services, you may be in acute pain or distress caused by dental decay, infection, abscess, fracture, dental trauma or an accident involving your mouth. Finding an emergency dentist in Perth can be tricky, and at NewSmile Dental Centre we want to allow more timely management of dental emergencies.

We are not your typical “in-and-out” emergency dentist. We pride ourselves on attentive time and care provided to our patients, but if you are suffering from a dental emergency, our friendly receptionists and treatment coordinators always make every effort to have you attended to as soon as possible.

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Toothache emergency - NewSmile Dental Perth

Types of dental emergencies

Your toothache can be labeled as a dental emergency if you suffer from facial swelling, limitation in jaw movement, bleeding or trauma after an accident affecting your mouth, or simply intense or spontaneous pain in your jaw, gums or a tooth/teeth.

We have recently added a new chair, and additional dentist hours in our schedule, allowing us to be able to see emergencies in a timely manner. At your emergency dentist appointment, the dentist will aim to reduce or eliminate the tooth pain. For deeper problems, this can involve treatment to the nerve of a tooth (such as root canal treatment), gum treatment, extraction if necessary, or even a simple dental restoration to repair a broken or decayed tooth. If further problems are identified, it will require a follow-up appointment for a thorough examination to create a holistic oral care plan.

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Toothache help - NewSmile Dental Perth

Exceptional dental health care. Even in an emergency

Whether you come and see us for general dentistry, or in an acute situation with an intense toothache, you will find that our friendly and professional team at NewSmile Dental Centre in Subiaco (Perth), is experienced in delivering optimal dental care with a wide range of preventive, cosmetic, reconstructive, emergency dental and oral surgery services. Almost all dental emergencies can be dealt with in-house, without the need for referral to outside specialists.

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