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Dental implants or dentures?

Dental implants are usually the optimal replacement of failed or missing teeth, as they can look, feel and act like the natural thing.

They are essentially a titanium or zirconium fixture that is surgically placed in the jaw, fusing permanently to the bone in a process called “osseointegration”, and acting as a foundation for new teeth.

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Dentures on the other hand are essentially “false teeth”, made of an acrylic or cast metal removable plate resting on the gum, with the missing teeth attached. They are an appropriate option if dental implant solutions are not affordable or suitable for you.

A first step is to get a clear diagnosis and professional advice, so you can make a well informed decision about what option is best for you.

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Dentures throughout history

Modern advances in dental care give patients many more options than a few decades ago, in situations with missing or hopeless teeth.

Historically, dentures have been used worldwide for thousands of years as the only type of tooth replacement. Today, dentures are still the most basic type of replacement. A century ago it was “in vogue” to have your teeth removed at a young age, in favour of dentures. This was to save on future dental treatment!

With time, and looking at the latest research and innovation in dental health care, we have learned that there can be long term disadvantages associated with this.

With denture wear, the supporting gums and jaw bone tend to shrink, and this means that your denture needs to be relined or replaced over time. Particularly with lower full dentures, this can be challenging, because they simply sit on the gum by gravity and can be dislodged in speech or function.  Their limited retention (loose dentures), and the discomfort coming from the acrylic coverage of the palate, are reasons you may prefer dental implants.

Having said that, skilfully made cosmetic dentures can still be the preferred avenue for your new smile. When made properly with detail and dental artistry, they can create a major improvement from old, loose and worn dentures, and create an instant “facelift”.

If your preference goes to dentures over dental implants, our team of cosmetic dentists will help you assess whether full dentures (replacing a full set of missing teeth) are an option, or whether partial dentures (replacing one or more missing teeth and using remaining healthy teeth to hold them in place) are the most suitable approach.

About Dental Implants

At NewSmile Dental Perth we have an effective treatment available for patients suffering from the pitfalls of long term denture wear, or of failing teeth. Dental implants are the modern alternative to dentures, and are a means of preserving your natural gum and tooth structure, without any bone shrinkage or retention problems.

Removable implant solutions: Implants can be placed in the jaw and, following their integration, can be fitted with retentive “clips” (or abutments) to stabilise an otherwise loose denture. With this procedure, dentures stay in place and function very well, due to having fixed anchor points in the mouth.


All on 4 is a full teeth replacement method, involving 4 dental implants which support a full arch arch of teeth. The major benefit is the low amount of implants required, compared to other and older techniques, and success in difficult bone situations without any need for bone grafting or staged treatments.
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Fixed implant solutions: Dental implants without dentures are another procedure we routinely perform at NewSmile Dental in Subiaco. Dental implants, in this case, are permanent artificial teeth secured in the jaw, that look, function and feel like natural teeth, without any plates or extensions on your gum.  They can replace a single tooth, or a set of badly damaged teeth, or problematic dentures. For many of our satisfied patients who presented with advanced dental problems, implant restoration has meant a full teeth replacement supported by multiple implants in the jaw, or an “All on 4” procedure immediately replacing all teeth supported by only 4 implants.

Dental implants are associated with maximising chewing ability similar to natural teeth. Research shows that poor chewing ability in full denture wearers can lead to problems and disease.  Other reports highlight that the long-term use of ill-fitting dentures can result in shrinking jaw bones, and problems such as “witches chin” and “jowls”.

We provide modern dental implant solutions even for patients who have lost extensive gum and bone tissue, using advanced bone grafting solutions, or graft-free solutions such as All-on-4 and Zygomatic implants.

How we can help?

At NewSmile Dental Centre in Perth (Subiaco), our team of experienced and friendly dentists are very experienced with tooth replacement and dental implants. They will provide you with a clear diagnosis, to then create a customised oral health plan for your situation. With our extensive experience in cosmetic and implant dentistry, the creation of high quality dentures and/or the use of advanced dental implant procedures (including the “All on 4” full teeth replacement and restoration procedure), we will present you the full range of options, to best replace your missing or failing teeth.

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