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About professional cleaning and prevention of tooth decay and gum disease.
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What is preventive Dental care?

Preventive dental care in dental health is all about avoiding dental and/or gum disease, and maintaining the best possible oral health. In a busy life, it’s easy to forget how crucial regular professional scale and cleans and preventive maintenance are for your long term oral health. Our preventive dental care program involves regular dental check-up and oral cancer check, coupled with thorough professional scale and clean and hygiene maintenance.

Your regular checkups are useful to check for early signs of dental decay, infections, and any symptoms of gum disease or inflammation, jaw or muscular problems, oral cancer, and to discuss any concerns you may have.  

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To ensure a healthy and beautiful smile, it’s recommended that adults and children also brush their teeth at least twice a day (with a gentle but thorough brushing motion, and using a soft toothbrush). Many patients benefit from a more tailored home hygiene program using specially prescribed brushes, flosses, mouthwashes or toothpastes that are suitable to their particular dental situation.

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Why preventive dental care matters

Studies show that professional dental and gum health care can help prevent many dental problems, and that dental health is also linked to your overall health. In other words, it’s not just about fixing problems but preventing them, and not just about your oral health.

At New Smile Dental Centre in Subiaco (Perth) we recommend that children and adults should see us for review every six months, including professional cleaning. 

If you have a history of particular dental problems such as gum disease, then you may require more reviews until you achieve good oral health.

Often, despite good oral hygiene at home, you don’t reach into every corner, especially at the back of your mouth or in difficult to reach areas, especially with a history of other dental issues or treatments. Bacteria and plaque can get stuck in a gap between your teeth or restorations, leading to dental disease or tartar formation. Once we have established oral health for patients with dental problems, then long term maintenance and prevention is doubly important.

What can I do myself?

In between checkups and professional cleaning, brushing your teeth and flossing is one thing you can do for your own oral health. Our dental hygienists will demonstrate the best technique to you.

It’s also important to monitor or change your lifestyle habits, since smoking, certain medications, and stressful life events can all cause changes in oral health. Early prevention is the best cure.

That is why our family dentists not only check the teeth and gums, but also the mouth and surrounding region for any signs of other disease such as oral cancer.


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Professional Scale and Clean

A scale and clean appointment - using an ultrasonic scaler - will scrape away the buildup (calculus) and clean away the debris that was sitting between your teeth and around/under your gums. Your dental hygienist will gently reach into the more hard-to-reach spots around your teeth and clean the plaque in fine detail. You will reduce the risk of suffering from destructive gum disease.

Scaling and cleaning checkups will end with a dental prophylaxis using a rotating brush to give your teeth a polished and fresh feeling.  

Call our team of friendly and experienced Perth family dentists and dental hygienists today to book your appointment, and start planning your preventive dental care for outstanding oral health.

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