Full teeth replacement with All-on-4 implants.
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About All-on-4

All on 4 is a full teeth replacement method, involving 4 dental implants which support a full arch arch of teeth. The major benefit is the low amount of implants required, compared to other and older techniques, and success in difficult bone situations without any need for bone grafting or staged treatments.

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With only four titanium implants (or more where indicated), we can achieve a strong foundation for a full set of teeth, with several advantages.  The fact that we don’t need to place a titanium fixture under every tooth, can in many cases means a smaller chance of potential obstacles, in the way of designing the best possible outcome for you.

With All-On-4, the fixtures are placed at an angle, and we can avoid the parts of your jawbone that might be deficient or of poor quality, and avoid bone grafting. This allows new teeth to be fitted even in many cases of poor or deficient jaw bone, within 1-3 days of a only one surgery.  

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Benefits of All On 4

All On 4 dental implants are a popular alternative to natural teeth, for most patients who have lost, or are about to lose their teeth.  All On 4 is a modern implants technique, and in experienced hands and correctly done, has a higher success rate than traditional full mouth implant reconstruction techniques.  It is immediate, meaning only one surgery is required and teeth are made immediately without any denture stage. The procedure creates aesthetically pleasing teeth, that feel and work like your own teeth. Properly designed, they can be effectively cleaned and kept healthy.

For suitable candidates, this type of full teeth replacement is one of the most effective treatments to restore function (the ability to eat and chew normally). Research shows that All On 4 prostheses can restore up to 80 per cent of full functionality. Conventional dentures with adhesive only restore 10 percent of that functionality.

The biggest benefit of having All On 4 is that you can avoid dentures or patch up dentistry in hopeless cases. You can enjoy an attractive and healthy smile and forget about movement, pain or discomfort when you bite or eat. You also no longer have to worry about slipping dentures, gagging or using adhesives. If you suffer from advanced and hopeless gum disease, or heavily diseased or broken teeth requiring extraction, All On 4 treatment can also provide an immediate solution, without ever having to go through a denture stage.

What to expect

Our All-on-4 (All-on-Four) technique is a proven and successful solution, and treatment plans have variations based on your individual circumstances. Our Perth team can provide a qualified assessment of the best options for you. The aim is to present a simplified, comfortable process, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

Our usual All-on-4 treatment process at NewSmile is:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis - involving detailed examination and impressions or digital scanning of your mouth, photographs and 3-D imaging of your jaws.
  • Day 1 - All On 4 Surgery performed in the comfort of sedation;
  • Day 2 - Try-in of your new teeth;
  • Day 3 - Your New Smile: Permanent attachment of your new teeth.

Missing and Hopeless Teeth

Hopeless teeth (terminal dentition) are teeth that have been so compromised by gum disease, infection, or decay, that they are either impossible to save, or unwise to save because they carry a hopeless long term prognosis. Hopeless or missing teeth can lead to difficulties chewing, speaking or smiling.
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At NewSmile Dental Perth, Dr Misagh Habibi performs the All On 4 procedures. He is highly trained and experienced with All On 4 implants (Master of Oral Implantology), and is an educator in the complex field of dental implants, and the Perth Director of Australia’s official All On 4 Clinic. He exclusively practices implantology, dento-alveolar and periodontal plastic surgery and has a particular interest in full mouth rehabilitation techniques such as All On 4 and All On 4 Plus teeth replacement solutions.  So you have the benefit of being looked after by a dentist who has successfully performed hundreds of All-on-4 and full mouth implant surgeries, and thousands of dental implant procedures.

Providing exceptional implant dentistry in Perth

At NewSmile Dental Centre Perth, our dental implant team will always give you a clear diagnosis, and a visual representation of your options and outcomes. They provide all aspects of advanced modern implant treatment in-house, from beginning to end, without a need for external referrals. Speak to our friendly receptionists today and book an appointment to discuss your All On 4 or dental implant treatment in Perth.

Examples Of Work Done At Our Practice

Photo: Full Mouth/Full Jaw Implants

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