Scared of the dentist

What to do if you’re afraid of dental treatment?
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Are you scared of the dentist?

Being scared of the dentist is human and it’s still a very common problem, despite the modern advances in dentistry and dental care techniques. Some people’s fear stems from previous bad experiences in a dental or a medical setting.

Or you may have inherited it from your parents’ dental fear, or from a traumatic life experience. Some people simply don’t really know why they appear to be worried. They are just scared of the dentist and avoid visiting one.

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Why it’s ok to be worried or afraid.

At NewSmile Dental Centre in Perth, every day we see new patients who come meet us with trepidation and anxiety. Some people even feel ashamed of their nervousness or of their dental health, not realising how common a problem it actually is. If you happen to be scared of the dentist, then let us assure you: We are not here to downplay your fears and how you feel. There is no need to be sorry. We are here to listen to your concerns. Our team of friendly and experienced dentists and dental hygienists will do everything they can, to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

What can I do about this fear?

There are 2 ways we look after you and your fears.

One is to give you the time you need, to discuss your concerns in a relaxed environment, without obligation for any treatment actually taking place. So the first step, if you are scared of the dentist and you have been avoiding your much needed care, is to give us a call. Meeting the team, you will find them approachable, relaxed, friendly, and very understanding of your situation. They will take the time to listen to you, understand your concerns, and you will find that our dentists and dental hygienists are also uniquely experienced in managing nervous patients.

A second avenue to consider if you’re scared of the dentist, is sleep dentistry. Also called “dental treatment under IV Sedation” or sedation dentistry, this is often a chosen avenue for those with complex or lengthy treatment needs.  

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry is a treatment that allows you to minimise pain and discomfort associated with dental and oral surgery procedures. Patients who chose to use sedation dentistry will do so because they have a low pain threshold, are afraid of needles or are simply scared of the dentist experience as a whole.

Sedation dentistry can also be suitable for patients who have a strong gag reflex, have overly sensitive teeth and gums, or difficulty keeping their mouth open because of a jaw problem.

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Consider sedation dentistry at NewSmile

NewSmile Dental Centre Perth can offer sedation dentistry if you’re too worried for a regular procedure, or if you need extensive treatment and wish to snooze and wake up to your healthy smile.  With two postgraduate qualified and endorsed dental sedationists and a registered nurse experienced in sedation and recovery in-house, NewSmile has unique experience in Sleep Dentistry. Our dentists even receive referrals from other Perth dentists, for their nervous patients’ dental treatment needs, under sedation.  

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