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When you show “too much gum”.
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About gummy smile treatment

Gummy smile treatment aims to improve the overall or perceived quality of your smile. If you find you’re showing too much gum, then we can provide you with a clear diagnosis defining the exact causes of the excess of displayed gum. Then we will present options and discuss the possible outcomes of your chosen treatment.

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Gummy smile treatment

Gummy smile solutions

Gingivectomy or Gumlift is usually suitable for cases where teeth are short in appearance.

This type of gum reduction or periodontal surgery lifts the gumline up, making the teeth taller and the gum shorter.

Our Perth dentists will make delayed measurements, assessments and photographic or 3D-modeling, to design and demonstrate your results before surgery.

Where dental crowding, or cosmetic problems with the teeth are also present, our cosmetic dentists can follow up gum surgery with porcelain crowns or veneers, designed for your particular case and cosmetic objectives. A gumlift is often a very simple procedure, performed by excision or electrocautery, under local anaesthetic.  Crown lengthening is a more detailed procedure where we need more gum reduction, involving both gingivectomy and bone recontouring.

Lip Repositioning Surgery is a different approach to gummy smile treatment. It limits the effect of muscles that elevate the lip, so it can no longer rise as far up in a smile, therefore exposing less gum. This solution is generally irreversible and suitable for cases such as where the upper lip is “hypermobile”, extended up a long way during a smile (and displaying too much gum).  A similar outcome can be temporarily achieved without surgery, using muscle relaxer injections in the “lip lifting” muscles.

Orthodontic treatment or the use of braces may be recommended, to move the teeth up to a level with more optimal (less) gum display. This is a non-invasive method for gummy smile treatment, and may require months to years of orthodontic treatment. Another advantage of this method is that any other crowding or misalignment problems with the teeth or bite, can be corrected at the same time.

More invasive gummy smile treatment options

Orthognathic surgery is a procedure performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, in collaboration with the orthodontist. Surgery can be performed to move the upper jaw (maxilla) upwards, reducing the amount of tooth and gum on display.

It is a more invasive surgical approach, but may be most suitable as the preferred gummy smile treatment, for patients with jaw alignment discrepancies and a vertically excessive maxilla (upper jaw) development.

Showing too much gum

Too much gum display can influence the perceived quality of your smile. In general, a pleasing smile is shaped around a balanced display of teeth and gums. If your smile displays too much gum, you may feel that it makes your smile less attractive.
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In complex cases, a change of gum display and new gum design can also be achieved by elective tooth extractions, bone and gum reduction (alveolectomy), and dental implant reconstruction with a new gum design. This method redesigns the gums through either gum recontouring or “aesthetic gum replacement”. It can be a suitable method for patients who have extensive dental or gum disease, which would benefit from an “overhaul” by replacement, rather than tooth preservation, or for those who can or will not consider extensive orthodontic and orthognathic surgery work.

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At NewSmile Dental Centre in Subiaco we have a team of experienced and friendly dentists, with a wide range of skills and interests. Together, we provide exceptional dental care and will give you a comprehensive overview of the various options. Contact our team today and book an appointment to discuss your gummy smile treatment.

Examples of work done at our practice

Photo: Before and after example gummy smile treatment
Photo: Before and after example gummy smile treatment

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