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What is Full Teeth Replacement?

Teeth replacement is an advanced option when your teeth can not be saved, or where saving them may be more complex, time consuming or costly than desired. At NewSmile Dental Centre Perth we often hear this question: Should I pull all of my teeth? Most of the time teeth can and should be saved, but sometimes it may be preferable to remove the remaining teeth and undergo full teeth replacement.

When patients present with hopeless widespread tooth decay or infection, widespread missing teeth or severe chronic gum disease, we can consider replacement with dental implant solutions such as the “All on 4” method.  

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Teeth replacement

Why opt for Full Teeth Replacement?

For suitable patients, teeth Replacement becomes the recommended approach over the use of dentures, for a number of reasons.  Denture wear can lead to jaw bone shrinkage (atrophy) over time. As time passes, eventually the gum and bone can become too thin and difficult to support a denture appropriately at all, as well as causing a collapsed or shrunken facial appearance. Full teeth replacement, using modern dental implant solutions like the “All-on-4” Method, can create very effective transformative results whilst preserving bone in the jaws.

Teeth replacement aims to create new teeth that look natural and attractive, eat effectively and feel comfortable. Dental implants are designed to fuse with jaw bone and become permanent. Compared to dentures, All on 4 and our other teeth replacement solutions mean you’ll be able to speak, eat and socialise without the concern that your teeth will slip out of your mouth.

About “All on 4” dental implants

A teeth replacement technique where all teeth are replaced on 4 dental implants, which support all other teeth, is called “All on 4”. Whilst this is only one of several advanced implant solutions we provide in our Perth clinic, the benefit of this technique is that less implants are used, so it can work with more deficient bone than older methods, and the results are usually immediate and more cost effective. This means there are less potential obstacles in the way of achieving the best possible results.

Full teeth replacement is one type of full arch rehabilitation. With the “All on 4” method, we don’t need to place an implant under every tooth. The implants themselves are small fixtures made of titanium, that are inserted into the jawbone. By placing the implants at an angle, we can avoid the parts of the jawbone that are either missing or of typically poor quality.  

This is why we can avoid the need for bone grafting in most circumstances, and the method also ensures that the implants can reliably support the new prosthetic teeth fitted within days of the surgery.


All-On-4 is a full teeth replacement method, involving 4 dental implants which support a full arch arch of teeth. The major benefit is the low amount of implants required, compared to other and older techniques, and success in difficult bone situations without any need for bone grafting or staged treatments.
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The highest standard of treatment and individual care

At NewSmile Dental Centre in Perth (Subiaco) you can count on our team for complex dental reconstructive work with implants, such as a full teeth replacement. Our team of cosmetic dentists is highly skilled and trained, and regularly carry out the “All on 4” and other dental implant procedures. NewSmile’s director Dr Habibi takes a lead with the All on 4 procedure, having successfully performed this procedure on hundreds of patients in the comfort of our rooms, and having been recognised as Perth’s only official All On 4 Clinic, our sister brand with branches across Australia and New Zealand.

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