The pitfalls of cheap teeth whitening treatments

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What to be aware of when you look into teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening: a perfectly safe treatment at the dentist

Cheap teeth whitening treatment is not the same in strength, effectiveness and reliability as professional treatment. When your smile is affected by stained or discoloured teeth, then only a dentist can help you make a well informed decision about a suitable treatment. Cheap whitening treatments performed without the right training or knowledge could cause damage to your teeth and gums, and neglect other problems that may be present.  That’s why professional dental associations and boards have strict regulations about who should be using the products that are involved in teeth whitening.

Cheap Teeth whitening treatment
Cheap Teeth whitening treatment

Percentages of peroxide in the product

There are two big groups of treatment types for tooth whitening: One is products that are often sold as cheap teeth whitening treatment packs and administered by non-dentally trained individuals such as beauty clinics. The other type are those that can only be used by a qualified dentist. So what is the difference?  It’s mainly the percentage of hydrogen peroxide and / or carbamide peroxide. Products with a lower percentage of these substances can be sold as a DIY kit. Products with higher doses are only to be administered by your qualified dentist.

Why does this matter? The substances used for teeth whitening (a bleaching gel) need to be applied with precision, and if the application tray does not fit accurately, or if the gums are not protected during an in-chair application, some of it may cause chemical burns.  With cheap teeth whitening treatment options, there have been cases of people getting sick after swallowing the product.

Caution advised with DIY kits

If you plan to use a DIY kit for teeth whitening, it’s important to check the origin of the product that you purchase, as well as the included instructions. If the bleaching gel contains 6% or more hydrogen peroxide and more than 18% carbamide peroxide, then the product can only be applied by a qualified dentist.

How NewSmile can help with reliable teeth whitening

Here at NewSmile Dental Perth we have helped thousands of customers with quality cosmetic and/or teeth whitening treatments.  Our most popular treatment option uses the in-chair Zoom3! Process. It uses the higher concentrations of peroxide, combined with blue LED light to enhance the process.  This method can provide immediate and dramatic results.

We also provide a home whitening kit that uses professional grade treatment gel, and custom fitted trays for your teeth. This is to make sure that the tray fits well, so the gel is applied properly.

The home teeth whitening kit allows you to wear the trays for a short period every day for a few days, and go through your treatment in the comfort of your own home. This method is lower cost and can also provide very effective results, just a little slower.

Cheap Teeth whitening treatment

If you’re unsure which treatment option would be most suitable for you, please get in touch with our friendly receptionist team to discuss options or to book an appointment. Our team will make sure that you are well informed so you can avoid the pitfalls of unreliable cheap teeth whitening solutions, and benefit from a safe professional treatment with long lasting results.

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