Wisdom Teeth Removal
Wisdom Teeth Removal

Professional wisdom tooth extraction for proven pain relief

Wisdom teeth are our third molar teeth. They usually only become visible in our late teens, early twenties and in some cases even later. The majority of us seldom have issues with our wisdom teeth  providing they fit well into the jaw bone   and oral hygiene is well maintained . Occasionally, however, they can be the cause of discomfort and pain. These problems occur when wisdom teeth fail to fit because there is not enough room in the jaw or alternatively they have failed to grow at an appropriate angle. NewSmile Dental provides clinical wisdom teeth removal in Perth. Contact us for professional wisdom teeth removal.

If you are experiencing any wisdom teeth symptoms, it is best to seek consultation as soon as possible. These symptoms include severe pain or discomfort, difficulty opening the mouth and inflammation of the gums. Avoid future complications and unnecessary pain by consulting dentists with in-depth knowledge and experience in wisdom tooth extraction.

What problems can wisdom teeth cause?

Wisdom teeth infections or inflammation can often cause difficulty opening the mouth, or be the cause of severe pain requiring emergency care.

Common problems associated with wisdom teeth:  There is often not enough room in the upper or lower jaw.

  • As they try to erupt, they often become impacted (stuck) in the jaw bone at the wrong angle. This can cause acute gum infections (pericoronitis) and potentially even acute facial/neck swelling which can be dangerous.
  • They are difficult to clean properly and can often develop decay (caries) or resorption of the teeth in front of them.

Impacted wisdom teeth

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, they may be stuck in a vertical, horizontal, forward angled (mesioangular) or backward angled (distoangular) direction. They may also not have made it through the gum (partially erupted or unerupted). This means that they cannot be removed like normal teeth.

Wisdom tooth extraction

The gum tissue needs to be reflected away from the jaw bone, and the wisdom tooth is often sectioned into pieces along with removal of a small window of bone to allow removal of those pieces. After removal, the wound is cleaned and checked and the gum is closed back with sutures (stitches).

This procedure is called surgical removal of wisdom teeth and our team of dentists experienced in minor oral surgery have routinely and efficiently performed many thousands of wisdom teeth removals in-house, using our IV sedation (Sleep Dentistry) method.

Before any procedure, a special x-ray of the jaws called an OPG is taken to assess the anatomy of the area, and the type of wisdom tooth impaction. In some more complex cases, you may be referred to the radiologist to have a 3-D x-ray called a Cone Beam CT taken, to assess the relationship between the roots and any important nerves in the area. This is done to ensure your surgery is carried out in the safest way possible.

How we keep you comfortable

We perform most of our wisdom tooth extractions using sleep (IV sedation or Sleep Dentistry). After you are sedated, your gums are numbed so that you wake up afterwards without any pain. Once you’re home, depending on the nature of the procedure, you may have been prescribed pain relief to keep you comfortable for the first couple of days of recovery.

Following wisdom teeth surgery, you can often develop swelling in the area of the cheeks or face – it is recommended that you rest at home and keep a soft nutritious diet for up to a few days.

Some wisdom teeth procedures are very straightforward and cause minimal to no post-operative discomfort.

Do you need a referral?

You do not need a referral to see one of our dentists for removal of your wisdom teeth.

Our doctors, Vivian Mascarenhas and Misagh Habibi and the team perform many wisdom teeth and oral surgeries every week, so you know you are in experienced hands.

Wisdom teeth surgery can come in various degrees of difficulty and complexity. Only a dentist experienced in minor oral surgery including wisdom teeth extraction, or an oral surgeon or oral and maxillofacial surgeon is best equipped to assess the difficulty and the best and most comfortable, efficient method of removal. Our dentists are registered as general dentists, and they have additional postgraduate training or experience in minor oral surgery.

All surgical procedures carry risk and you can seek second opinions from appropriate health professionals prior to undertaking such a procedure.

Contact us today for wisdom teeth removal that offers pain relief and improved oral health.

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