Afraid of the Dentist?

Despite the modern advances in dentistry and dental care techniques, fear of the dentist is still a very common problem. Some people’s fear stems from a previous bad experience in a dental or medical setting, some have inherited it from their parents’ dental fear, or from traumatic life experiences, and others do not actually know why they are worried about the dentist. They just are. If you suffer from fear of the dentist, you are certainly not alone.... Read More

Is Sleep Dentistry Suitable for me?

How would you know if Sleep Dentistry may be the solution for you? Consider the following questions: Do you suffer from fear of the dentist? Have you avoided the dental treatment you need because of fear of pain or a bad experience? Have you developed a phobia following previous unfavourable experiences at a dentist? Do you have trouble keeping your mouth open through the length of time needed for your treatments? Are you busy and want to avoid... Read More

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Rest Easy with Sleep Dentistry at New Smile Dental Centre Sleep dentistry (also called conscious or twilight sedation) is an advanced form of dental sedation. It uses a combination of calming and pain relieving drugs to make patients feel comfortable and deeply relaxed during dental procedures or minor oral surgery. Patients feel they have slept through their procedure, as sleep dentistry enables patients to have lengthy or advanced treatments in comfort. The... Read More