12 February 2016 newsmiledentalperth

Why Does Cold Weather Affect Teeth?

Cold weather may make your toes chilly or nose freeze but it shouldn’t be having an effect on your teeth. Breathing in crisp air or sipping a hot drink may cause us to experience sudden sensitivity and pain in our teeth. Such a reaction can become more noticeable in extreme temperatures and can indicate problems with your oral health.

What are Your Teeth Trying to Tell You?

Although tooth sensitivity can be common, it should not be ignored since it could be a way for your mouth to tell you that something is wrong. Like with most dental problems, sensitivity should be addressed as soon as possible.

Causes of Sensitivity Could Lead to Worse

Sensitive teeth could indicate erosion of the enamel coating or your gums. Receding gums could be a result of gum disease or over brushing. Damaged enamel could also be a sign of a cracked tooth, decay or acid erosion.

Get a Check Up ASAP

Book in for a check-up as soon as you notice a change with your teeth or gums. We can assess your overall oral health and identify a cause. Catching the problem early gives you the best chance of avoiding further damage and costly procedures. There is no reason to suffer. Talk to us if you are experiencing sensitive teeth, pain or notice other changes with your oral health.