1 January 2016 newsmiledentalperth

Do You Need to Visit the Dentist More Regularly?

We recommend most people visit twice a year for a dental check-up. However, whilst this may be a good rule of thumb for most people, for others it may not provide the amount of support they need. Certain medical conditions and lifestyle choices can mean more frequent dental visits are necessary.

Protect Your Smile with Preventative Care

It has been only recently that dental check-ups have become a regular part of our health routine. In the mid-1900s, dental visits were only needed to fix a problem and preventative visits were not advised or considered. However, once check-ups were recommended twice yearly by dentists, dental health and hygiene amongst the general population improved greatly. Although regular visits have provided great benefits for many, it is a solution to suit everyone.



Do you need to visit more often?

Consider your personal circumstances and speak to your dentist about how often you should be visiting for a check-up. Some conditions mean more frequent appointments should be scheduled, such as:

  • • Diabetes
  • • Smoking
  • • Pregnancy
  • • Prevalence of gum disease
  • • Dry mouth
  • • Weak immunity
  • • Cavity-prone or plaque build – up
  • • Diet high in sugar-laden food or drink

Changing circumstances can dictate how often we need to visit the dentist; for example, during pregnancy increased hormones can change how your body responds to plaque, making it more important to have regular check-ups. Aging also means more frequent visits, as we begin to experience more health issues and become susceptible to bacteria which can cause inflammation and damage our teeth and gums. In addition, dry mouth is caused by some medications, and can create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Your dentist can advise you on how often you need to make an appointment, based on their assessment of your oral health. Frequent visits can prevent gum disease and tooth decay while helping you maintain a healthy smile. By committing to a thorough dental hygiene program and regular preventative visits, you can save future time, money and discomfort.

Commit to Your Oral Health

We are committed to your oral health and know a single approach will not work for our unique patients. Visit us for a check-up and discuss your individual oral health needs.