22 January 2016 newsmiledentalperth

Losing Baby Teeth: What You Need to Know for Your Child

Losing baby teeth is an important milestone for children. You may remember the excitement, knowing that not only will you be receiving a visit from the Tooth Fairy, but that you were becoming a ‘big kid’. To help you and your child through this important phase in their growth, read our helpful tips below.

Let Nature Take its Course

Once your child’s teeth become loose, you may wonder whether the tooth needs to come out as soon as possible. However, baby teeth will often fall out painlessly without interference. Once a permanent tooth starts to come through, a baby tooth will loosen. The roots of the baby tooth will dissolve until the tooth eventually releases and comes out.

A loose tooth may remain in place for several months before it’s ready to fall out. Don’t try to force it. Encourage your child to wiggle it in place to loosen it. The myth of tying your tooth to the doorknob and slamming the door is a dangerous and painful idea. If a tooth is forced before it is ready, it could break and become infected.



Give Knocked Out Teeth Special Attention

In the unfortunate event one or more of your child’s baby teeth were knocked out prematurely, you should book in with us to have it checked. When the teeth are removed this way, the permanent tooth risks infection and damage.

We Are Here to Support Your Family

Losing baby teeth is an exciting time for your child. A visit from the Tooth Fairy and the growing in of permanent teeth are special moments. Our friendly dental team is here to help make your child’s transition into “big kid” teeth smooth and as comfortable as possible. Make an appointment or get in touch with us if you have any questions about your child’s dental health.