25 December 2015 newsmiledentalperth

How Healthy Teeth Can Help with Digestion

When we’re hungry, it is easy to forget about the mechanics of eating and simply focus on the delicious taste and aromatic smells. However, proper digestion starts with chewing. If you’re only chewing to be able to swallow, or chewing minimally due to dental issues, you are preventing yourself from enjoying some important benefits.

Take Time to Chew

Chewing gives us time to enjoy and savour our food. It also means each bite is broken down into smaller portions, which allows our body to more readily access and absorb nutrients. Taking longer to chew our food means we have greater chance of enjoying more of the benefit of its nutritional content. Swallowing food which has not been chewed properly means it is more difficult for our body to absorb the nutrients.

Better Digestion with Chewing

We produce saliva whilst chewing, which mixes with the food and starts the digestion process. Saliva contains enzymes which commence breaking down the food immediately. If food is not chewed properly, it can cause digestive issues and discomfort.



Notice When You Are Full

Taking longer to chew your food means you have more time to notice when you are full. If we are wolfing down a meal, it becomes easy to eat more than we need because our body has not caught up yet to let us know we are full. By eating slower, you will find it easier to control how much you eat and avoid feeling overfull after a meal.

Is it Your Bite?

Poor chewing can also be the result of dental problems, such as an uneven bite (malocclusion), missing teeth, sensitivity or poorly fitted dentures. Such issues can cause you to swallow food earlier, leading to poor digestion or you may choose less healthy options since they require less chewing.

Poor dental health can lead to greater problems with our overall wellbeing. If you can no longer enjoy a simple meal due to your teeth, don’t ignore the problem. You need the best dental health to be able to chew, digest and absorb the nutrients provided by your food. Get in touch with us so you can start enjoying your meals.