11 December 2015 newsmiledentalperth

Double Trouble: Diabetes & Gum Disease

Monitoring the body’s feedback is a habit most people with diabetes are mindful of doing on a daily basis. Managing diabetes effectively means blood sugar checks, planning meals and closely monitoring any symptoms. However, even with close management, it can be easy to miss early warning signs which can show up in the mouth. Current research shows gum disease and diabetic symptoms are closely linked.

Harmful Bacteria

People with diabetes are more susceptible to infection as they have a decreased ability to fight bacteria invading the body. Gums become swollen and sensitive if bacteria is allowed to build up inside the mouth, weakening the oral structures holding teeth in place and creating an ideal entry point for bacteria to enter the bloodstream. Once inside the blood, the bacteria can cause many diabetic complications, making blood sugar management more difficult.

The problem is part of a vicious cycle. Diabetes make gums more susceptible to infection and infection, in turn, makes diabetic symptoms worse.



Ways to Better Oral Health for Diabetics

    • 1. Stay in touch

Being in regular communication with both your doctor and dentist can ensure any changes in your condition can be closely monitored. Follow the diabetes management plan provided by your doctor and ensure they have our contact details to keep us informed. Make sure you keep your regular appointments with us as well.

    • 2. Blood glucose level management

Monitoring and controlling your blood sugar level and using medication as prescribed will lead to better control of your condition and a reduced risk of gum infection.

    • 3. Maintain good oral health care

Keep up daily brushing and flossing, ensuring to gently massage and clean the gums. If you are a smoker, set goals to quit.

Let Your Dentist Help You Manage Your Diabetes

Living with diabetes means getting support from medical professionals to help you successfully manage the condition. There are a host of extra considerations to think about every day. We provide personalised care to all patients and can help you to maintain great health. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment or get in touch to book in with us.