22 January 2016 newsmiledentalperth

Cavities all of a Sudden?

It seems inescapable – none of us are immune to cavities and it’s possible that even someone who has never had one could find themselves getting a filling or two within a short space of time. There are several factors which can affect your dental hygiene which you may not have considered before:

Change in Routine

Life can be stressful and events such as moving house, changing jobs or starting a new school can affect your health, which includes your oral health. Such stresses could be the reason for a cavity suddenly appearing.

A common side effect of stress is a dry mouth. The absence of saliva means your mouth is lacking the ability to neutralise acids. Without saliva, your mouth has the ideal conditions for creating problems such as tooth decay and cavities. If you are experiencing a dry mouth as a result of stress, or even increased exercise, staying hydrated will help to minimise the issue.


A change in diet can result in sudden cavities, especially if you are consuming more acidic food or drink. Examples can include fruits, sports drinks and tomato sauce. More sugary foods can also be the culprit. Have you been consuming more sweet foods or cool drinks? Consuming sweet drinks and food over a period of time, such as sipping a cool drink, will have a greater impact than eating a large chocolate bar. This gives more exposure to bacteria-causing agents.



Being Unwell

When we have a sore throat or a cold, we reach for cough drops to suck on. Unfortunately sucking on these all day can cause cavities. Chemotherapy can also cause a dry mouth, leading to cavities.

Changed Dental Routine

When we become stressed or something changes in our lives, our dental routine can sometimes suffer. You may not be brushing and flossing as regularly as you have in the past. However, brushing too much or too hard can also cause problems. Brushing too vigorously can start to remove the protective tooth enamel, damaging your teeth, resulting in cavities or making your teeth vulnerable to decay.

Over brushing can also cause gum recession, exposing the sensitive root below the gumline. The root is not protected from cavities as it does not have the enamel covering of the exposed part of the tooth. In addition, it may be more difficult to floss and brush if you have recently gotten braces. Your dentist can assist you in learning the best technique to ensure your teeth are still cleaned properly.

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