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Brushing Can Be Fun!

Let’s be honest, whilst brushing your teeth twice daily is an important habit, it can be a bit boring. When you are busy or ready to go out, brushing properly can seem like a dull chore. But does it really need to be?

Safer Brushing

To maintain optimum oral health, you should brush for at least two minutes to ensure a thorough clean for all your teeth. It can be tempting to rush and still try to get a proper clean by brushing more vigorously. However, brushing harshly can cause damage to your teeth and gums, such as gum recession, decay or more serious conditions.

Make It Fly By

Here are some handy tips to make brushing more enjoyable, whilst ensuring your teeth get the right amount of attention:

Tune out: Turn on your favourite song and brush away to the beat. You’ll find the two minutes fly be before you know it.

Get Technical: There are apps available to help you time your brushing activity. The Oral-B™ app will time your brushing while you scroll through the news.

Work it out: Use this time to get in some important muscle stretching, such as calf raises or even squats.

Be distracted: Take your mind off the clock by reading, watching TV or streaming a video.



Make it Fun for the Kids

When it comes to developing good habits, it’s best to start young. However, keeping your child’s attention and making sure they brush for the full two minutes using the proper technique can be a mission. Teach your kids brushing can be fun with these tips:

Involvement: Let them put the toothpaste on the toothbrush or let them push a button on the timer so they can participate in the process.

It’s a game: Make brushing fun by allowing kids to use their imagination.

Rewards: Every time your child brushes their teeth, they receive a point. Once they reach a certain number of points, they receive a special prize.

Brush Together: Seeing you do it can be a big motivator as kids love to follow your example. Brush with them so they can follow along.

Staying distracted by doing something you enjoy can make your brushing time go by quickly.

We Care for Your Whole Family

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