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Why Does Cold Weather Affect Teeth?

Cold weather may make your toes chilly or nose freeze but it shouldn’t be having an effect on your teeth. Breathing in crisp air or sipping a hot drink may cause us to experience sudden sensitivity and pain in our teeth. Such a reaction can become more noticeable in extreme temperatures and can indicate problems with your oral health. What are Your Teeth Trying to Tell You? Although tooth sensitivity can be common, it should not be ignored since it could be... Read More

Brushing Can Be Fun!

Let’s be honest, whilst brushing your teeth twice daily is an important habit, it can be a bit boring. When you are busy or ready to go out, brushing properly can seem like a dull chore. But does it really need to be? Safer Brushing To maintain optimum oral health, you should brush for at least two minutes to ensure a thorough clean for all your teeth. It can be tempting to rush and still try to get a proper clean by brushing more vigorously. However,... Read More

How Does Alcohol Effect Your Gum Health?

Whether you enjoy an occasional glass of wine or a more frequent drink, it’s important to know how your oral health can be affected. Recently, a study in the Journal of Periodontology showed a link between gum disease and consuming alcohol. Increased Risk of Gum Disease In the study, over 500 people were interviewed about their alcohol consumption and their gum and oral health were assessed. The research showed a strong relationship between alcohol and the... Read More

Losing Baby Teeth: What You Need to Know for Your Child

Losing baby teeth is an important milestone for children. You may remember the excitement, knowing that not only will you be receiving a visit from the Tooth Fairy, but that you were becoming a ‘big kid’. To help you and your child through this important phase in their growth, read our helpful tips below. Let Nature Take its Course Once your child’s teeth become loose, you may wonder whether the tooth needs to come out as soon as possible. However, baby... Read More

Cavities all of a Sudden?

It seems inescapable – none of us are immune to cavities and it’s possible that even someone who has never had one could find themselves getting a filling or two within a short space of time. There are several factors which can affect your dental hygiene which you may not have considered before: Change in Routine Life can be stressful and events such as moving house, changing jobs or starting a new school can affect your health, which includes your oral... Read More

Oral Health: Have You Got It Right?

We have heard some interesting myths about oral health over the years, and unfortunately, seen many patients doing damage whilst believing they are caring for their teeth and gums. Keeping our patients informed is our priority so we wanted to bust some myths around oral health by providing the facts. Fact: Teeth don’t need to hurt to have gum disease If only it was so simple to diagnose dental problems. Unfortunately, many serious problems such as chronic... Read More

Do You Need to Visit the Dentist More Regularly?

We recommend most people visit twice a year for a dental check-up. However, whilst this may be a good rule of thumb for most people, for others it may not provide the amount of support they need. Certain medical conditions and lifestyle choices can mean more frequent dental visits are necessary. Protect Your Smile with Preventative Care It has been only recently that dental check-ups have become a regular part of our health routine. In the mid-1900s, dental... Read More

How Healthy Teeth Can Help with Digestion

When we’re hungry, it is easy to forget about the mechanics of eating and simply focus on the delicious taste and aromatic smells. However, proper digestion starts with chewing. If you’re only chewing to be able to swallow, or chewing minimally due to dental issues, you are preventing yourself from enjoying some important benefits. Take Time to Chew Chewing gives us time to enjoy and savour our food. It also means each bite is broken down into smaller... Read More

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