Tooth Extractions
Tooth Extractions

Nobody wants a tooth to be extracted, but sometimes it is necessary – due to advanced infection, traumatic mobility, fracture, or decay which cannot be otherwise managed.

Luckily with our dental implant solutions, even advanced dental disease requiring tooth removal can be managed in a secure, cosmetic and long lasting way.

If you do need one or more teeth removed, the days of “gritting your teeth and bearing it” are long gone. In the skilled hands of a dentist highly experienced with gentle tooth extractions and minor oral surgery, extractions can be carried out comfortably, quickly and efficiently. We can even offer immediate relief in the form of replacement with a dental implant (if the case is suitable).

Our in-house Sleep Dentistry (IV sedation) setup and clinical expertise is sought after all around WA. Your extractions doesn’t need to be a nerve-wracking experience at all, but can be performed under a comfortable sleep.

Simple Extraction

This procedure usually involves the use of dental elevators and forceps to remove the diseased tooth. All dentists have basic training to perform this procedure, whilst some (such as several of our dentists) may have performed thousands and be proficient in carrying this out as gently and effectively as possible.


Surgical Extraction

This procedure involves raising the gum to expose an impacted (eg. wisdom) or badly broken down tooth, often involving careful removal of surrounding bone, to allow removal before closing the wound with sutures. This procedure is best performed by a dentist particular experience in minor oral surgery procedures, such as our Drs Habibi, Mascarenhas and Heah, who receive referrals from other dentists around WA for complex dental extractions.

In experienced hands, even a complex surgical extraction can be carried out efficiently and comfortably, usually in under 10 minutes.

Most of our patients take advantage of our expert in-house Sleep Dentistry facilities (IV Sedation) to take the stress out and snooze through the procedure, especially if removing several wisdom teeth.

Surgical extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth after folding back a flap of gum tissue and removing a window of bone to access the tooth. The gum is sutured back into position after the extraction.

Atraumatic Extraction and Bone Preservation

Part of the jaw bone is built specifically to support your teeth. If one is removed, the surrounding jaw bone tends to shrink and atrophy, which can compromise smile cosmetics, facial or lip support, or the ability to replace at a later time with a dental implant.

That is why, whenever appropriate, our dentists remove teeth by very gentle, non-invasive methods, and recommend a bone (ridge) preservation procedure (sometimes referred to as socket preservation) at the time of tooth extraction.

This is a very minor and quick grafting procedure which dramatically reduces the amount of bone shrinkage that develops. It preserves the majority of the bone shape and volume during healing, allowing optimal gum form and shape for implant.

The socket of a gently removed tooth is filled with bone graft material and covered by a resorbable membrane.

Atraumatic Extraction and Dental Implant Replacement

This is the most skilled type of tooth removal and is only performed by dentists highly trained and experienced in implantology. In this procedure we remove the problem teeth as gently as possible, without causing damage to surrounding gum or bone architecture.

The benefit of this is that the cosmetics of the tissues can be maintained, often followed up with an immediate dental implant placement and minor bone and /or gum graft procedure to optimize the gum and bone shape.

This is especially important when the gums are highly visible in the smile (such as a high smile line), in order to prevent the unsightly appearance of shrunken gums or replacement teeth that are too tall or artificial in appearance.

If you would like a tooth removed as gently as possible or replaced successfully with a dental implant, then the technique and experience of the dentist performing this procedure is important.

Our team has extensive experience and methodology in this treatment, and our partner practice (Perth Implant, Surgical & Sedation Dentistry) receives referrals for this procedure from other dentists.

We recommend that before you rush into removing that tooth (unless it’s a major emergency), come and see us for a consultation to consider your best options.

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