Professional Teeth Whitening versus Over the Counter Kits

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Myths and facts about getting white teeth.
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Professional teeth whitening in brief

Professional teeth whitening is often promoted and advertised as a miracle solution, and as qualified dentists, it’s part of our role to make sure you fully understand the various offerings you may come across. Strictly speaking, teeth whitening is not always a medical procedure. In itself, it doesn’t change the overall health of your teeth and gums.
 Professional teeth whitening

Of course, getting whiter teeth and a brighter smile is generally perceived as an improvement. It certainly can make many people feel better about themselves. Today, we wanted to look into the mechanics of various types of teeth whitening, so you know what is involved when you look into professional teeth whitening.

 Professional teeth whitening

Professional or Over The Counter

The first important choice you will have to make, is whether to trust an Over The Counter product, or to ask your qualified dentist to help you with teeth whitening. To make a well informed choice, it’s important to double check the information you receive.

It goes without saying that, as experienced and qualified dentists and dental hygienists/oral health therapists, we will always be able to give you clear and transparent recommendations about professional teeth whitening.

At NewSmile, any recommendation starts with an assessment of your oral health. Your dental hygienist and your dentist will look at your personal dental history, the health of your teeth and gums, and can discuss teeth whitening options with your overall oral health in mind. An OTC product can be suitable for one patient, and may not be recommended for you, depending on your personal situation.

Bleaching or whitening toothpaste

There are two types of teeth whitening solutions, and a popular one is based on bleaching. Bleaching changes the colour of your tooth enamel. It removes stains from the surface, and stains deeper in your teeth. The bleaching solutions come in OTC kits, and often use carbamide peroxide.

Depending on the product you buy, different concentrations of the chemical will be used. Alternatively, certain toothpaste brands claim to be a teeth whitening solution, and they generally contain a rough material that “scrapes” off the surface stains. It’s a polishing solution that is often promoted as the easy DIY solution.

Professional whitening - done by a professional

Professional teeth whitening is not to be confused with the take-away kits you can buy at the supermarket. Our in-chair procedure uses the Zoom3! Teeth Whitening process, and it’s a safe, fast and reliable procedure performed by qualified dentists and dental hygienists. The process, in a controlled environment, involves dentist grade whitening gel and the use of a blue LED light to speed up the process.
professional teeth whitening
If you really prefer the DIY solutions, we also provide dentist approved take-home whitening kits. This means you get a fitted tray, custom designed for your teeth, and professional grade whitening gel. Whatever your preference, we recommend to first speak to our friendly team of receptionists and dentists, to find out which solution may be suitable for you, and to discuss the wide range of solutions you can choose from.

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