Need to Fix Crooked Teeth?

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To fix crooked teeth is something many patients seek a dentist’s advice for, and if you suffer from crooked teeth you may experience consequences such as an uncomfortable bite or an unattractive smile.

Can we fix crooked teeth?

When we fix crooked teeth, we are often doing more than fixing your smile. Misalignment of a single or multiple teeth can not only affect your visual appearance, it can also reduce the quality of your bite and overall function, as well as your confidence. So here’s a few reasons why we fix crooked teeth as part of a dental treatment plan.
Fix crooked teeth
Fix crooked teeth

Impact on other teeth

Crooked teeth can start pushing against surrounding teeth, impacting their alignment and positioning. One of the consequences we don’t always think about, are excessive overbites and underbites. This means your bite isn’t optimal, and it can influence how you chew, speak, and potentially the long term outcomes of your bite. We most often fix crooked teeth caused by orthodontic problems such as size discrepancies between jaws, arch widths and tooth widths. Sometimes it may be genetics, and sometimes habits like thumb sucking in your childhood years, or using a dummy (pacifier) after the age of three, that has caused crooked teeth or problem bites.

Orthodontics (braces or Invisalign) to fix crooked teeth

Braces are a proven method to fix crooked teeth, provided by orthodontists or general dentists experienced with orthodontics. Following a teeth straightening consultation at New Smile, we can advise you of types of braces methods that might be suitable for you. There are now options for clear braces and lingual braces in many cases, to reduce the visibility of braces. There is also Invisalign, an invisible teeth straightening system with the wear of a series of clear aligners that gradually move your teeth. Orthodontics such as braces and Invisalign are used to slowly guide your teeth back to a normal position over time. This is a non-invasive treatment but it will require some patience and compliance before you can benefit from your new smile.

Other treatments for crooked teeth

If your teeth are severely misaligned, you may look into teeth replacement methods such as dental implants. Removing one or several teeth is then followed by replacement. Implant teeth can change the quality of your bite, and of your smile, sometimes immediately, and sometimes in stages. When we do full teeth replacement with implants, we have immediate methods where you don’t have to wait for months, before you get to enjoy your new smile. In such cases, teeth straightening can be immediate by replacement. However it’s only suitable if teeth need removal for other reasons as well, because if teeth are healthy, then orthodontics is a more sensible and conservative approach. If you have crooked teeth which are also highly diseased or problematic, ask us about immediate our implant replacement options.
Fix crooked teeth

At New Smile Dental we always start with a clear diagnosis. We look at your personal situation, use X-Rays, photos, 3-D models and visualisation to discuss options and treatments. And we make sure you can make a well informed decision about your smile and your oral health. Our team of experienced and friendly dentists and oral hygienists work together with their various skills and are ready to help you - not only with crooked teeth, but with any dental or oral health problem you may have.

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