Implant Solutions

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Implant solutions have evolved a lot in the latest decades. At New Smile Dental Perth, we offer a wide range of treatments in the discipline of dental implantology.

Implant Solutions & their impact

Implant solutions have evolved a lot in the latest decades. At New Smile Dental Perth, we offer a wide range of treatments in the discipline of dental implantology. Our experienced team has several dentists with particular experience and postgraduate qualifications in dental implants. They can help you make a well informed decision about your dental implants options.
Implant solutions
Implant solutions

What to look out for?

When you consider implant solutions, it’s important to look for a dentist who is highly experienced with this complex aspect of dentistry. Can they look after all aspects of your treatment and show you outcomes from similar cases? Can they offer different methods that may be suitable for your case?

Then you need to start with a clinical examination and a diagnosis. This is not about buying a one-size-fits-all product. One treatment technique, implant system and solution may be more suitable for you than the other, and you need the diagnosis of an experienced implant dentist to get the full picture, before you make a choice for your treatment.

Choosing implant solutions is like a journey. It’s about something very personal, impacting your oral health, your appearance and your smile. Procedures may look a bit daunting, but with innovative dentistry techniques such as IV Sedation Dentistry, implant solutions have now become more accessible, and more comfortable compared to the past, with the goal of long lasting and reliable results.

Different implant solutions & techniques

A single tooth replacement can be a simple procedure. Or, if you have been wearing dentures, you may have experienced unstable or loose dentures. In that case, implant stabilised dentures can offer relief. Or, if you no longer want the inconvenience of removable dentures, we may suggest full teeth replacement using dental implants and bridges. At New Smile Dental, we will always make recommendations based on your assessment and diagnosis, and on your personal requirements.

All on 4 implant solution

All On 4 is a renowned technique for dental implants, providing a full teeth replacement option in only a few days. At NewSmile Dental Perth, we provide All On 4 implant treatments, and our principal dentist is recognised as Perth’s only official All On 4 Clinic, his clinic hosted on-site so you can have all aspects of your treatment looked after.

All On 4 implant procedures are typically performed as a sleep dentistry treatment. For more information about implant solutions, All On 4 or sleep dentistry, please contact the practice today.

Implant solutions

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