Anti-wrinkle treatment at the dentist?

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How our dentists can help you with facial injectables.

Don’t get a “fake face”! Look into expert anti-wrinkle and injectables treatments at the dentist

Trained dento-facial aesthetic dentists are in a unique position to provide facial injectable services, to rejuvenate the face and help you frame your smile in a beautiful way.

It makes sense. Cosmetic dentists analyse faces and smiles every day. They understand facial anatomy and are highly skilled in gentle and accurate injections. They can even numb the lips for injectable treatments around the lips or lower face.

anti-wrinkle treatment

At NewSmile, we can help you with concerns about skin folds, lines or wrinkles.  The anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and facial injectables we help our clients with, are proven to be cosmetically predictable and beneficial. Their outcome: reduced or no wrinkles and a healthier and a rejuvenated look.

Like any treatment, good care requires a good diagnosis. We always encourage patients to have a thorough dento-facial assessment rather than a stock-standard injection approach, to ensure that all cosmetic aspects are considered (from the teeth and the jaws that support the face, to the skin) for optimal results. The goal is healthy and youthful looking, natural and beautiful smiles and faces - not faces that look like they should be on a reality TV show!

anti-wrinkle treatment

What types of treatments are available?

Anti-wrinkle treatment is used for a variety of skin concerns: in the eyebrow area, around the eyes, in the forehead and in “frown lines”, as well as around the mouth. “Crow’s feet” is a term used to describe wrinkles on the outside of your eyes, sometimes called “laughing lines” too. They are a natural reaction as we age, to laughing, smiling and squinting our eyes from the sun.  Anti-wrinkle treatments are available for these too, although unlike frown lines, sometimes a little bit of laughing lines can give character.

There are many different types of anti-wrinkle treatment and facial injectables available at our Perth dental practice, accredited with AADFA for education and training in dento-facial aesthetics, rejuvenation and injectables.

From bunny nose lines to cobble chin, to thin lips and gummy smiles.

Some facial injectables work at relaxing wrinkles by stopping muscle contractions. Others can volumize thin skin or flatten out folds and increase skin health and hydration. Lip volume augmentation is often combined with dental treatment, where we focus on improving the position of your teeth or lips.

How long does anti-wrinkle treatment last?

Your treatment outcomes may last for a period of around six months or more, depending on the treatment. It’s important to discuss your concerns, goals and expectations, and make sure you get a full understanding of the available treatment options to suit you. 

anti-wrinkle treatment

To learn more about the benefits of facial injectables or anti-wrinkle treatments, or the benefits of having them done at a dento-facial aesthetics dentist, book a consultation appointment here at NewSmile Dental Perth and tell us your concerns. We look forward to helping you with your rejuvenation journey!

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